Moving to Sweden

Things You Must Know Before Moving to Sweden

The land of almost uncountable islands, Sweden is wonderful to live in. Not only is the natural beauty present here in the form of vast lakes and humongous mountains, but the cultural advancement and civilization are also excellent there. The most important thing is the behavior of people which is quite good when you talk about Sweden. People are mostly kind and loving and show greater affection to those who know how to speak Swedish.

The rules and regulations are also excellent in Sweden. The low crime rate is proof of their better law enforcement agencies. However, a number of crimes are also committed by the immigrants moving to Sweden in a huge amount every year. Some groups of specialized criminals can enter Sweden along with immigrants or asylum seekers and can perform their activities here. The Government is trying to keep them away from the country and strict laws regarding immigration and getting a residence permit in Sweden are some of the best steps taken by the government in this regard.

If you too are willing to leave your birthplace and planning to move somewhere else then Sweden could be your destination. No matter what the reason behind your immigration is, Sweden will provide you with ample opportunities in every field of life. Following are some things related to Swedish People’s behavior, law and order situations, language, and cultural festivals, etc. that you should be aware of in case you move here.

Swedish Foods

Food is the best thing which you love to taste from everywhere you go. It is believed that food represents the culture of a country. Like every other region of the world, Sweden is also known for some of its food items. These are given below.

• Raggmunk is a specialized pancake that is made out of potatoes and fried in fresh butter. The best thing about it is the variety among dressings. It can be dressed up with any of your favorite dressings. However Swedish people mostly serve it with a dressing of loganberries and bacon.

• Gravad Lax is the typical food item in Sweden that is most common everywhere in Sweden and represents the presence of various lakes in the country. This is actually the Swedish version of smoked salmon.

• Kanebullar is a specific type of bun in Sweden and you might wonder to read that a specific day is associated with this bun which is celebrated on 4th October every year. Other than that this cinnamon-rich bun is a part of daily diet as well.

The Most Popular Drink:  Coffee

This is good news for coffee lovers that it is probably the most loved and popular drink in Sweden. Swedish people always prefer to drink coffee and can get a special day from their jobs to have a coffee with their friends. Small coffee breaks at any hour during office work are common in Sweden. You can have an idea about coffee consumption in Sweden by the fact that every person uses more than 8 kilograms of coffee per year.

Due to its high consumption, coffee has also been banned several times by the Swedish Government but in vain, as people love to have coffee.

Basic Necessities

Basic necessities of living are available in Sweden with high quality. From accommodation to transport, every facility is available here. Following are some details about them.

• The first thing that comes in this regard is your place to live. Definitely, you need a home to live in here. If you are planning to rent a house there then it’s going to be costly for you as the number of rented people has increased up to 8 percent in the previous few years. The best solution is to buy your own home or live as paying with other immigrants.

• Every sort of transport is available in Sweden. From cars and buses to airplanes and boats every facility is available here. Boats are usually used to move from one island to another.

• If you are infertile or don’t want to marry someone but willing to have children, then adoption in Sweden is very common. You can adopt a child with the help of an adoption agency as a single parent regardless of your gender.

There you go! We hope that this information will help you settle easily in Sweden.