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The Basic Rules to Create a Kick-Ass Style For Men

by William Beel
Kick-Ass Style For Men

Regardless of your age or way of life, you want to feel and look your best. It is why it’s essential to understand how to dress well. There are many different ways to dress. But a few basic rules can help you create a kick-ass style that works for you.

Please Don’t Overdo It

There are specific rules that every man should follow when it comes to dressing well. These may seem like a lot to take in, but they’re a solid foundation for style – and they can help you build a kick-ass wardrobe.

For example, it’s a good idea to accessorize – such as jewelry like a Cuban link chain– so you can mix and match them for various looks. Investing in quality pieces that stand the test of time is essential.

Dress For The Occasion

Whether it’s an important meeting, a special celebration or a formal dinner, dressing well is always a good idea. It will help you make a good impression on the people around you and increase your confidence.

Business professional: For men, wear a dark-colored suit with a tie, while for women, choose a skirt and blouse or dress pants and shirt. You can also opt for a sports coat or blazer in light colors.

It is generally the most conservative of all dress codes and should not be confused with casual dressy, which foregoes the sport coat and allows a bit more flamboyance in your dress. However, you can still personalize your outfit by adding a vest, tie, pocket square and shoes.

Think About Color

The color of a man’s clothes can make a massive difference to his appearance. Knowing what colors suit you and how to wear them well is essential. A color wheel may be valuable for determining primary and secondary colors, so look at one first. As a general guideline, your primary color should make up around 60% of your ensemble, while your complimentary and tertiary colors should each makeup about 25%.

Now that you’ve grasped these concepts, go through your wardrobe and find the colors that work for you. Lay them out next to each other and closely examine how they look together.

Think About Texture

Texture can be very subtle, but it has a much more significant impact than the color or pattern of a garment. It makes a difference in how it feels on your skin, interacts with other fabrics, and looks on different body types.

You can touch and feel a tactile texture – think of tree bark or sandpaper. On the other hand, visual textures are things you can only see.

Examining the textures used in art is a fantastic method to comprehend how different textures differ. Artists can use texture to draw attention to elements like shape, form, and color – an integral part of art.

Please Keep It Simple The best way to start is by understanding your body type and how it interacts with your clothes. You’ll be more comfortable if you have the right fit and aren’t embarrassed to ask for a change of clothes. Be sure to enlist the services of a pro to help you make informed style choices that won’t break the bank. A foolproof plan will save you time, energy and money in the long run.

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