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Importance of Sunset and Equinoxes

by William Beel
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When we refer to sunset, we mean the change in light intensity of the Sun. It is for this reason that the term is also referred to as sunsets. In layman’s terms, sunset refers to the time when the Sun has disappeared entirely from the Earth. When viewed from any part of the globe, the Sun gradually sets as viewed from anywhere west towards the east at the point of the Fall Equinoxes.

Throughout the year, there are four phases of sunset, namely, Onset, Peak, Reflection, and Slip. When viewing the Sun at sunset, it is quite easy to detect the Sun’s equator because the rays of light that fall on the equator have a definite direction. As viewed from any place on Earth, the rays fall from the east towards the west. Similarly, there are certain fixed points on the earth which, through the earth’s crust, can be observed to have the same direction as the Sun.

When the Sun fades completely from the horizon, it means the end of the day. After the Sun has set, there would rise in the east, or the day’s third hour, and the evening darkness would begin. If it happens after the Sun has set completely, there is a chance for clouds to form across the horizon. However, if the sun had risen entirely from the horizon, there are no cloud in the way and the only visible things are the shadow cast by the moon and rainfall.

From any place on earth, an observer could see the Sun rise or set. The phenomena of sunset, however, differs greatly from the usual way people view the same phenomenon. For example, most people will remember seeing the sun rise over the hills during the morning. But they would not have the same memory of seeing the sunset as they do today. Owing to its gravitational pull, the Sun rises higher than the horizon. Hence the horizon appears as a darker spot than it actually is.

On the ground, the sunset appears as a bright crescent just above the horizon. But from a few hundred to about one thousand meters away, the Sun appears almost completely blocked out by the horizon. The reason for this is that the Sun’s orbit around the earth is tilted to the right of the geographical axis. Hence, the Sun gets pushed into the western hemisphere where its rays are blocked out by the atmosphere. As it enters the eastern hemisphere, the shadow grows as it gets higher. From east to west the shadow is narrower.

To see the full extent of the sunset and to appreciate the true meaning of the term “Sunset”, it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the different terms used to describe it. To understand the relationship between the terms “clipsing” and “common” or” celestial” twilight, a good knowledge of the astronomical map is very essential. A complete knowledge of the nautical twilight zone is necessary for proper understanding of the sunset and the relation between it and the civil twilight zone. This article looks closely at both the sunset and the nautical twilight.

When viewing the Sun, there are many advantages of using the photos of sunlight available on the Internet. It is important to remember that the actual time of sunset is around sunset since it is not an easy task to determine the actual time of sunrise when the Sun is positioned near the horizon. The photos of sunlight present on the Internet cannot give you an exact idea of the time of sunset, but they help a great deal in determining the sunrise and the sunset dates.

sunset and equinoxes are terms that are also used to explain the annual movement of the planets Venus, Earth and Mars. The term “Sunset” is derived from Latin. It is defined as the point of light that is received after sunset is over. The term “Meridian” defines the mid-point between two meridians on the ground.

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