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RedState is an American online conservative political blog known for controversial content. The site has become one of the most popular conservative blogs online. In addition to controversial political and cultural articles, the site also provides interesting links on other subjects including health care, home business opportunities, and money. There are even videos that can be viewed and will give you a sneak peak on upcoming events in the Republican party.

Recently, a controversial blog post written by David French of the National Review was banned from being reprinted or published by any online conservative media outlets. The post in question was titled “Birth Control Makes You Brittle”. The article discusses the negative effects of birth control and how some people use it to skirt around the mandatory abstinence rule in the Christian schools. The anti-birth control writer also rambles on about his belief that capital punishment should be restored as it is now and Christianity should be a country with fewer regulations.

After the post went viral across the right-leaning blogosphere, the story became redstatted, meaning the writer had crossed the line and there were complaints. In addition to the National Review, David French has made appearances on Sean Hannity’s talk show along with Sean’s brother Chris. So it seems that redstate gathering has hitched a ride. It is not uncommon to find contributors from the redstating world to appear on conservative media outlets. But are they trustworthy sources?

The fact that David French is making a name for himself on the Internet by writing about social issues and religion is a clear sign that he could very well be a legitimate contributor. However, that doesn’t mean his theories are the mainstream conservative point of view. The fact is that social media is filled with liberal hoaxes and stories that are spread across the cyberspace landscape. French may not have the right facts but at least he isn’t part of a pack of liberal hoaxers. If he were, he wouldn’t be sitting in the house of a conservative talk radio host, trying to make himself heard.

So if anyone out there reading this article thinks that National Review endorsed or endorses what David French is saying, think again. The National Review does not “endorse” anything. They simply publish content that has been widely circulated and discussed across the conservative movement. That’s not to say the redstaters aren’t welcome on the red stone walls of the Internet, because they most likely are. But redstate published stories that have been largely misrepresented, perhaps by liberal writers who just want to make themselves look good.

What’s more troubling is that redstate, as an organization, appears to have forgotten its purpose. Since when is it a think tank, or a social networking group? Has redstate been hijacked by the trumpsters? Who are all those email lists coming from? How did the redstaters get on the radio shows of some prominent conservative media hosts in the first place?

That’s part 2 of the series of questions that has been bugging me for some time now. Howe do these guys and gals get onto talk radio and talk TV without warning from the mainstream Media? Apparently they have “inside” information that are being passed around among some of the most notorious social networking websites in the World, and David French seems to be the primary recipient of this dirt.

All this may bode ill for the future of redstate, if it cannot manage to correct itself and regain the credibility it deserves. I asked everyone in the company whether they support the comments by redstaters against Megyn Kelly and Fred Osgood, and most everyone I talked to kept mum. Perhaps it will be best if I just keep my distance from redstate for the time being and see how things play out. Let’s see what happens in this fascinating primary season.