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How Outplacement Services Help Brands Reach Their Full Potential

by William Beel
Outplacement Services

It’s never fun for managers to lay off their employees. While many people think layoffs only negatively impact the employee, they also affect the morale of other employees and can be heartbreaking for the manager as well. The good news is that there are ways employers can make this situation less confusing for their employees. Having outplacement services is a great way to help employees in their job search while protecting your brand and reputation at the same time.

Here’s how outplacement services can help brands reach their full potential and give employees a helping hand all at once.

What Are Outplacement Services?

In addition to a severance package, outplacement services are little training that helps employees successfully move on from one workplace to the next. These services are paid by you, the employer, and it helps to transition employees to learn new networking and professional skills for the future.

Here are a few examples of outplacement services you can offer your employees:

  • Linkedin Optimization
  • Resume writing
  • Job interview prep
  • Online training
  • Career coaching

The list doesn’t stop there. There are more outplacement services you can offer employees to prepare them for life outside of your four walls.

Outplacement coaching—or career coaching—is very beneficial in that it helps employees assess their current skills, determine what interest will set them on the path for their future, and how to market their current skills for future employees.

How Outplacement Services Benefit Your Brand

The added expense of offering outplacement services may seem questionable for your business, but think of it as a high ROI when it comes to your brand name.

Offering services is a great way to boost your brand’s reputation and protect the risk that comes from angry employees who may feel hurt and blindsided by the layoff.

Many businesses are looking for ways to make their company culture seem more positive and inviting, which is exactly what will happen by offering these services. If your hand the positive and helpful reputation, it can also attract new employees to your doors and leave a positive impression they will never forget.

Steps To Add Outplacement Services

If your business wants to add outplacement, you first need to look for an outplacement provider to take the position. It’s likely neither you nor another coworker in HR will have the time to do the outplacement training yourselves, plus if you have several pieces of training to offer, you will need assistance with leading each one.

Another step to adding outplacement services is to make sure you have the right and leading technology to do it. Nowadays, jobs are leading to remote or hybrid positions, and older workers may not be familiar with online platforms or how to work successfully from home.

Because of this, it’s crucial that employees are provided with the right technology and professional development training to be prepared for every circumstance possible they may face in their new position, especially if it’s remote.

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