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Here’s How To Make Money on Instagram

by William Beel
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Instagram is full of people flaunting money – we all know that those pictures are fake. 

However,  there are Instagramers who earn a healthy amount of cash by using the platform and leveraging their followers. In many cases, the way in which these users earn is not very obvious. And very few Instagrams actually announce their income numbers. 

So, if you are a blogger, content creator, or influencer, how can you take advantage of seemingly ample opportunities to earn from Instagram? In this post, we will go into a bit of detail about Instagram and then move to several ways you as an Instagram user can earn money from Instagram. 

A Bit About Instagram

Instagram is among the top five most visited social media platforms. I

It started out as an image-sharing website but has now grown into a full-fledged social networking platform with a host of features including support for video content. So what started as a simple idea has grown into a huge platform that has celebrities and any brand you can name. At the moment, Instagram has about 1.7 billion active users. 

If you wish to understand the power of Instagram and how celebrities leverage their pull on the audience, look no further than Cristiano Ronaldo. The footballer has a huge following on Instagram, where he is considered among the top ten most-followed accounts on the platform. 

Another great example is Kylie Jenner, who built a huge business empire in which her Instagram following plays a huge part? 

So, as you can imagine, in the end, it just takes your time and effort in the content creation process, and there you go. It may seem challenging at the start, but the outcome is worth all the efforts invested in the process.

To help you give a head start, we have compiled a list of ideas that you can use to earn from Instagram. 

Before we dive into the list of ideas, let’s discuss the thorny issue of monetization. Instagram has rather stringent requirements for account monetization – you should have more than 1000 followers. As a rule of thumb, if you wish to generate monthly revenue of $100,000, you need about 5000 followers and more than 300 sponsored posts.  According to recent studies, an influencer with a fan following in millions can quickly generate $250,0000 per post!

So, the first milestone on your road to earning from Instagram is clear: Increase your following on Instagram.  

Ways to Make Money on Instagram

There are several other ways to make money, but all these hacks need a sizable following on Instagram to work. Also, you need to have a social media marketing plan in place so that all your efforts are well-coordinated. 

Additionally, it is important to make sure that you are tracking the right KPI because you need to make sure you do not get drowned in data. 

Now, let’s start!

Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is of course one of the most popular ways of making money. Factor in the huge audience influencers have on Instagram, and you can imagine the potential of this idea. 

While the process of affiliate marketing and selling products is different for every marketer, here is a template process that you can try out and improve over time. 

First, you need an affiliate product. 

The next step is showcasing it to the audience with the help of Instagram stories and adding a link to your profile. Create exciting content and add an affiliate link without sounding too pushy 

Affiliate links also work through a promo code as well. 

If you are uploading an Instagram story, don’t forget to add a ‘link in bio’ so that people can go and click to purchase. This tactic can also result in a healthy increase in the number of followers. Since Instagram followers are pretty loyal, it is a perfect platform to promote your affiliate links. Although it is a pretty tough game, once done right, you can earn a significant amount. 

Charge for Sponsored Posts 

While scrolling through Instagram feeds or swiping Instagram stories, you may have noticed a sponsored post pops up in the midst. Chances are that a sponsored post might look good enough to make you tap over to the offer. 

Your favorite influencers try their best to share the sponsored posts so that they can earn a commission. According to recent studies, 76% of people are more likely to make purchase decisions when they see their favorite influencers promote the product. 

Here’s the challenge in earning from sponsored posts.

Being an Influencer in the crowded world of social media isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time and energy for creating content that attracts and converts Instagram users. However, it is worth it. You can potentially get a lot of sponsored post opportunities if you have a sizable following on the platform. Brands keep an eagle eye on the influencers with a good fan following so that they can get a big shout-out for their product. 

Influencers are able to negotiate a good price for each post because, over time, they have built a strong relationship with their followers. 

Captions for Brands or Business

Have you noticed that top influencers on Instagram always come up with juicy and engaging captions that seem to grab your attention and make you pause scrolling?

Now we all know how these influencers are too busy with their schedule. How do they manage to write such creative captions?

The answer to this question is your ticket to earning good money.  

If you are creative and can come up with amazing content, why not try selling Instagram captions. Let’s make it simpler. After visuals, captions attract the attention of the audience. So, if you can write engaging captions, you can charge a good amount for your efforts. 

In addition to celebrities, small business owners need attractive captions that go well with their Instagram posts. Often, they engage the services of talented caption writers who can enhance the impact of each social post. 

Now, are you wondering how your work will get noticed? 

First, make your Instagram account public so that brands or business owners can see your work and reach you out there. Next, upload a few high-quality pictures with captivating captions that showcase your talents. Make sure you have several types of examples so that agencies or brands viewing your account can relate to your work. 

Once you get a hang of the process, you can charge a reasonable amount for your skills. Make sure you charge for your skill rather than the invested time and energy. Your work must be good enough to impress business owners.

Instagram Stories Filters 

Who is addicted to Instagram filters? 

Everyone on Instagram

It seems that Instagrammers are always on the hunt to look and explore new filters that add sparkles to their Instagram stories. According to the studies, Instagrammer produces more than 500 million stories daily using their favorite effects and filters. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. However, the short-lived content has a massive impact on the audience. 

Instagram Story filters are created by graphic design artists who love to play with effects. So if you think you have the potential to create an engaging filter or mask, you can showcase your work and earn a healthy amount. In fact, the filter creators present some of the highest social media marketing quotes for their efforts.  

Become a Brand Evangelist 

Brands usually choose sponsored posts, but you may have seen many influencers become brand evangelists and promote their products regularly. So, if you are an influencer and get sponsored posts from a brand, chances are you may become a brand ambassador for the brand.

Brands try to build a healthy long-term relationship with influencers to convert them into brand ambassadors for their products. Now note that the posting requirement and scheduling could overwhelm you quickly. If you can’t handle the pressure, try social media management tools like Coschedule Alternatives and automate your process.

Final Verdict! 

Instagram is one of the topmost and most popular social media networks. It started as a photo-sharing app but gradually turned into a business platform in the twinkling of an eye. So, if you are good at something, then cash it. 

The internet is stuffed with tons of new and unique ways to earn money from Instagram, but here we have compiled some of the top and easiest ways worth using.

You can add affiliate links with a promo code, charge for sponsored posts, and if you are good at creating engaging captions, then try selling them, make your filters and masks for Instagram stories and become a brand evangelist. 

There is a whole new world of ample opportunities for creators to make money from Instagram. It may take time, but once it is done rightly, you can earn a good living. 

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