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High-quality web applications and ordinary sites?

To date, for writing modern web applications, there are many technologies and solutions that allow you to do it quickly, efficiently, and reliably. There are simple or primitive ways to do this, such as website builders.

Website builders do their job, but in most cases, they are not very customizable, flexible, and not designed to solve the difficult and unique challenges faced by mobile developers, IT teams, and large businesses or corporations. But of course, their advantage is that they require less work during development than creating your own website from scratch.

There are also unique solutions with the creation of self-written sites, unique interfaces, and endurance in front of a high load.

How to create a professional self-written website

There are many technologies and solutions that allow you to quickly create modern sites. In order for a site to not only look good but also function on the network with high loads, it must have unique features, such as self-written pages or interactive interfaces that make up its own website without any outside help.

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To cope with such a creative task as an interactive interface or loading information on a page without updating it, the site must be written not just in HTML5, in CSS markup languages. The site must function as a complete web application. The entire program and interactive part, as a rule, is taken over by JavaScript on websites.

JavaScript is a programming language used to solve the interactive tasks of the site, and its functionality. It is also used in creating interactive websites.

It can also be found in modern web applications such as Gmail, YouTube or Facebook, where you will find many functions and commands happening on their pages that would never happen without the use of JavaScript scripts that work in parallel with loading static functionality or code.

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Technologies for creating web applications

To facilitate the development of such web applications and for the purpose of improvement, many ready-made solutions, JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and even a separate programming language have been developed. Also, other tools were designed specifically to reduce development time/efficiency – all of which contributed to JavaScript becoming the main web programming language around the world, because it showed how powerful and versatile it is!

Companies and programming teams are so eager to improve their own web applications that they have created all kinds of tools, libraries, and frameworks to get a better product out of the box.

JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as React, Node.js, or Angular are the most popular choice today when it comes to developing complex front-end web applications because they provide all the features of this technology in one package. This makes life a lot easier for developers who want to develop a simple yet powerful and robust program without bogging down systems with unnecessary bloat on both the client-side (React) and the server-side (Angular).

Why TypeScript was created

The previously mentioned specially designed programming languages ​​include TypeScript.

This is one of the newest additions to JavaScript – it was specifically created by the Angular team for the development of modern browser-based web pages, such as interfaces or user interactions in those programs where the necessary types require extra attention due to their complexity. To prevent them from becoming a maintenance nightmare in the future, the entire interface is loaded and updated by software rather than by the server. This means that all operations with the site occur on the client-side, i.e. his browser. Because no one wants page errors, data loss, or a server overloaded with numerous requests.

As you know, Angular is designed to solve large problems and projects. Most of the web applications of Google, Apple, and many other large corporations are written on it. It offers truly reliable and unique solutions for website pages. But at the same time, Angular is one of the most difficult to master, and relative to others – there are few qualified developers for it.

For this reason, it is not very suitable for startups or small businesses with small budgets.

Development on your own or with a private freelance programmer is always a lot of risks that the customer takes on. Therefore, the best solution is to use angular development services from a company that guarantees its product.