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How to Find Favorite Photos on iPhone and Manage Them?

by William Beel
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As an iPhone user, you likely take a lot of pictures with your smartphone. Mobile devices have come a long way in terms of their camera quality. These days, images taken with a smartphone come out as having a quality that can be compared to some professional cameras.

And since you can carry your smartphone with you pretty much anywhere, using it to snap photos is quite simple.

Considering the fact that taking pictures is easy, you are bound to build quite a collection over time. Naturally, too many photos can be quite difficult to manage, so you need to create a proper photo management strategy.

From knowing how to favorite photos and how to find favorite photos on iPhone to solving storage issues and backing up images, this article will cover the basics that should help you build solid foundations in managing images on an iPhone.

Favoriting Photos

Looking through hundreds if not thousands of photos to find the ones you like the best can be a challenge. Sure, you might use the search bar and sort by names, but realistically, how many iPhone owners bother naming each photo individually?

No, instead, it makes more sense to mark a picture as your favorite right after you take it. iPhones have a dedicated Favorites album, so the whole thing is pretty easy. 

After you take a photo on your mobile device, open the Photos app. Select an image, and you will see a heart icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the heart icon, and you will see the icon turning blue. This means that the image has been added to the Favorites album.

Finding Favorite Photos

If you want to find your favorite photos, launch the Photos app and tap on the Albums tab. You should see a dedicated album to your favorite images. Open the folder, and you can browse through all the images that you marked as favorites.

In case you wish to remove a photo from the favorites without deleting an actual image, this is what you need to do:

  • Select the right photo
  • Tap the heart icon at the bottom of the image
  • Close the image

From here, the photo will no longer be in the Favorites folder. In case you want to add it again in the future, simply click on the heart icon at the bottom again.

Managing Photos and Storage

Favoriting photos on your iPhone is just a small part of managing the media and the overall storage of the device.

Since current iPhone models have high-quality cameras, the image files are quite large, meaning that you need to be mindful of how many images you store on the iPhone itself.

In some instances, you might take a snap of the same thing multiple times without realizing that there are duplicates on the device. Similar to how you want to get rid of duplicate images on other devices, you want to do the same on your iPhone. That should be the first step to taking better care of the images on the iPhone.

Another important thing to note is that iPhones have only so much storage. When you consider the fact that it is not just images but other types of data, such as applications, videos, and temporary storage, consuming iPhone storage, you need to be mindful about how many files you keep on the smartphone, including images.

Some people like to upload photos directly to social media. Facebook and Instagram are great options, but they do not feel like the most optimal method to store media, right?

That is why it is often recommended to stick to external storage accessories like flash drives and hard drives. You can transfer photos from your iPhone to a computer and then use the computer to transfer images to external storage devices. In fact, you can also use the computer itself.

If you prefer a more digital approach, iCloud and other cloud services are worth a shout as well. For iPhone users, iCloud is the default option as you can set up the account pretty quickly and use it not just on your iPhone but on other Apple devices, such as MacBooks and iPads.

The default iCloud plan offers 5 GB of free storage, but that is hardly enough for anyone who takes a lot of photos on their smartphone.

You can expand the available storage by paying a monthly fee. The most amount of storage available is 2 TB for 10 dollars per month, among other benefits.

Keep in mind that your iCloud account can be treated not just as an external storage server to keep data. You can also count on the service to work as a backup solution since iCloud is known for its reliability and security.

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