Diploma in Hotel Management in Thiruvananthapuram

A Diploma in Hotel Management in Thiruvananthapuram is now a craze amongst youngsters. This city is well known for its opulent accommodation facilities, excellent recreational facilities and countless other recreational opportunities. Tourists from all over India throng to Thiruvananthapuram during summer season for a comfortable stay in some of the most plush hotels of the city. In fact, the hospitality industry of this city has grown considerably during the past few years.

An E-degree is one of the basic requirements for pursuing a degree in Hotel Management in Thiruvananthapuram. The first year of a D degree in Hotel Management in Thiruvananthapuram focuses on the practical aspects of this field. Students are taught about general administration and finance principles. After the introduction of the managerial disciplines, the students gain hands-on experience by working in various hospitality sectors. They learn the importance of ergonomics, safety measures and related policies.

The curriculum includes subjects like human resource management, quality management, organization development, and profitability. In the last two semesters students have to go through the concepts of finance and business development. After the business section students have to opt for the management of hospitality. Hospitality is an essential segment in any organisation and this is one of the most lucrative fields for the students. It makes for an interesting career option after graduation.

Almost every reputed hotel in the city has a branch extending its services to Thriuvananthapuram. Thus, if you have been a regular visitor to this city, you must have noticed the vast number of hotels here. However, the students coming to learn about the management of hotels here need to be equipped with some knowledge regarding management of hotels in other cities. They also need to be aware about the rules and regulations pertaining to such a profession in the city.

After finishing a diploma in this field, the students can find job openings in luxury hotels, three star hotels, heritage properties, and other such properties. Hotel chains are increasingly hiring students for fulfilling such roles in their organizations. Such a promising career option provides bright future prospects for the students. Hotel management is a highly rewarding and exciting profession that beckons the students towards a wide range of opportunities.

The city of Thriuvananthapuram is located at the confluence of three rivers: Kottayam, Vembanad Lake and the River Ganges. This enables the people of this region to enjoy good natural beauty at their homes along with great convenience. A large number of students opt for a Diploma in Hospitality in Thriuvananthapuram to enjoy living in a thriving city. The city boasts of excellent education facilities and ample employment opportunities. Besides, the stipend earned by these students is quite decent and adds to their self-worth.

The training offered in this subject is designed in a manner that the students get the essential practical experience and practical understandings of the administration and managerial fields. The courses cover subjects like hospitality and tourism, management and finance, economics, marketing and management, hospitality research and design and promotion and business communication. All the subjects help the students to understand the significance of the hospitality industry and comprehend the needs of the industry. It helps the students to develop the necessary skills that are essential for managing a hospitality organization. The curriculum includes modules on guest services, safety and management, program management, organizational behavior, human resources, organization building, and restaurant management.

The emphasis in the course is on hospitality and restaurant management. Since the hospitality and restaurant industries are growing rapidly, the students have to be equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. The professional degree holders are well equipped with the latest market information and therefore are able to handle the complexities of the industry effectively. With the advent of many global brands in this field, Indian student getting an edge in this field is becoming more important.

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