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Best Tips For Planning College Dorm Parties

by William Beel
College Dorm Parties

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when planning your College Dorm Parties. You need to have permission from your RA, make a guest list, and send out invitations. A guest list will keep track of the people you are inviting and avoid chaos on the night of the party. It is also important to choose a theme for your party, make sure you have enough snacks and drinks, and clean the dorm room thoroughly after the party.

Rules governing dorm room gatherings

Colleges have enacted rules to ensure that their residents are safe from harm and to promote healthy living in the dorms. Alcohol is not allowed in rooms with residents under the age of 21 and in public areas of the residence halls. These rules protect students and support the University’s Code of Student Conduct. It is illegal to give alcohol to a person who is under the age of 21 and violating these rules is punishable by University policy.

Students are not permitted to sit on windowsills, climb out of windows or ledges, or store items on roofs. They are also not allowed to remove window screens or throw objects out of windows. Removing window screens is also a safety violation and will be charged. Students who do so will also be subject to disciplinary action. In addition, it is not acceptable to place or use blank nametags or any other kind of identifying information on windows.

Getting a housing plan

If you are a responsible college student, getting a housing plan for college dorm party planning is a must. This way, you can invite only a small number of guests to your party and designate two people to monitor the room. If something goes wrong, you will have a backup plan. Also, make sure to ask your parents about the rules for college dorm parties, as students tend to ignore your concerns.

First-year undergraduate students must sign up for the mandatory dining plan. This plan is available for the first year of college, and the second and third years can be chosen after this. Once enrolled in a college, you can then choose between the basic plan and a dining plan with two or three meals a day. Once you have chosen your housing plan, make sure you have a list of rules and regulations so you can enforce them consistently.


While it can be tempting to serve fancy food at a college dorm party, simple, inexpensive snacks are the best bet. No one likes to go hungry at a party, so you’ll want to prepare plenty of snacks for your guests. You can even collect money from guests to cover the cost of snacks. There are countless ways to prepare snacks that everyone will love, from pizza to chicken wings. Even better, you can make your own!

If you don’t have a kitchen or access to a kitchen, you can use the dining hall’s small convenience store. Besides basic supplies, you’ll find Falcons gear and even a Fire extinguisher. Also, make sure that everyone is prepared for emergencies. If the dorm is small, consider setting up a food station or a music system. The party will be more fun and memorable if everyone is involved.


As a parent, you’ve probably asked yourself, should I let my child have alcohol at college dorm parties? While it’s not necessarily against the rules, you may wonder if it’s OK to serve alcohol in your child’s dorm room. Many colleges allow it, but only in moderation and for students of legal age. It’s best to keep these rules in mind, especially if you’re planning to host an alcoholic party.

Although you’ll need to check the rules and regulations of your college to see what kinds of drinks you’re allowed to serve, it’s always a good idea to provide water or soft drinks. While college dorms are strict about serving alcohol, it’s perfectly legal to serve it to your guests if they’re over 21. Themes can be fun, but you must let your guests know a few days before the party if you plan on having one.


Decorate your dorm room with twinkle lights for an enchanting effect. Hang twinkle lights on the wall above the beds, or all over the walls and containers. Throw pillows are a must-have for college dorm rooms! Throw pillows with pom poms add fun to the decor! A lack of seating can lead to a sore back, but a cushioned chair makes for a more comfortable solution.

Another way to make your dorm room look festive is to organize a karaoke night. Make sure there are plenty of college-style songs to choose from, and include snacks and drinks for the winners. You can also set up a DJ with a great selection of tracks to play for your party guests. Depending on your budget, you can choose a theme for each room, or one overarching theme for the entire dorm.

Notifying your RA

Notifying your RA about your college dorm parties is a good idea. The RA’s job is to supervise life in the dorm, including social events, enforcing dorm rules, and keeping a close eye on homesick freshmen. In addition to being a great resource for students, a good RA will notice if a student seems to be uncomfortable, offer support, and schedule activities like movie nights and holiday parties. However, not all colleges require an RA, and some may accept an upperclassman or a well-qualified sophomore.

Although you may be tempted to refuse to notify your RA about college dorm parties, you should know that there are consequences for doing so. First, your RA may need to enter your room for safety inspections and closings. Additionally, he or she may be worried about what you may find in your room. The RA also has the responsibility of monitoring your social media accounts to ensure that your behavior is appropriate.

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