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Differentiating An Authentic Tudor Watch in Singapore From a Fake

by William Beel
Authentic Tudor Watch

You probably already know that Tudor watches are a favorite of avid watch collectors. Their iconic design is simple and timeless, making them extremely desirable in the vintage market. Some people cannot differentiate between a genuine and fake Tudor watch, even if they are told the model number. While it can be difficult to determine whether a watch is authentic or fake, with some detective work, many differences between genuine and fake Tudor watches can be easily identified. You can avoid landing on a fake watch by considering the following:

1. The make and model

An authentic Tudor watch will have a model number engraved on the back. The Tudor watches will have a mixture of Roman and Arabic numerals, while the fake ones will have Arabic numerals with no other markings. The case number and serial number are also etched on the inside of the back cover of authentic Tudor watches but are missing in fake ones. Therefore, you can easily spot fake watches from the authentic ones.

2. Movement

An authentic Tudor watch in Singapore will have a simple manual wind movement, while the fake one will have automatic or quartz movements. The Tudor watches will also have a movement visible on the back of the watch while it will be hidden in fake ones.

3. Strap and Clasp

An authentic Tudor watch comes with a bracelet, but not the fake ones. The clasp on a genuine Tudor watch will be made up of two parts and is secured by screws, while the clasp on fake ones is one piece and secured with pins instead. The clasp of an authentic Tudor watch will have solid links connecting the links and end links, while the clasp on fake ones has hollow links. The clasp of an authentic Tudor watch is also engraved with its logo, while the one on fake ones is not.

4. Dial

The dials of authentic Tudor watches are made of enamel, while that of a genuine one has a printed dial. The dial of Tudor watches is silver and brown, while those on fake ones have a blue or white face. Tudor watches will have a date window, but this is absent in those fake ones. Be quick to compare the watch’s markings and markings with those of other authentic Tudor watches for a fair assessment.

5. The Hands

The hands of a genuine Tudor watch are made of gold or silver with green or blue numerals depending on the model and grade of its watch. The hands are made from either solid or striped gold or silver, while it is all brown in fake ones. Authentic Tudor watches have the inscription “Tudor” engraved on them, while fake ones will be marked with “Royal Oak” or something similar.


The foundation of an authentic Tudor watch is simple, and the above points are some of the key elements you can notice when buying an authentic and genuine Tudor watch. These will help you spot a fake Tudor from the outset. As with all vintage watches, buying authentic and genuine Tudor watches is always a great investment as they are so much sought after in the market. A wrong choice can waste your money and time, so get them authenticated first to ensure you make the right decision.

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