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A Kinetic Log Splitter: What Is It Complete Guidance?

by William Beel
Kinetic Log Splitter

The log splitters that you often find on the market are hydraulic; they operate, but they move extremely slowly. A hydraulic pump pumps oil into a hydraulic cylinder, which slowly pushes a splitting ram to split logs. You may have also heard of the Kinetic Log Splitter, another sort of log splitter, and been curious about it. So here’s how it goes:

A belt connects the motor to two flywheels, one of which is balanced on each side. When the motor is started, the flywheels begin to spin and store kinetic energy. When you pull the handle, the rack and pinion mechanism engages, acting as a clutch. The energy is then released to the ram, which shoots out at a high rate of speed and splits the logs with enormous power. The typical cycle time is around 2.3 seconds.

What are this log splitter’s benefits?

The most compelling and evident feature is that the kinetic log splitter is often six times quicker than hydraulic ones. You no longer have to wait impatiently for the hydraulic ram to gently extend and retract. Now all you have to do is place the log on the splitter, pull the handle, and suddenly, before you can add another, the ram returns and is prepared to make the next split. This will save you important time.

This dynamic log splitter also has further unnoticed advantages:

  • The log splitter requires very little maintenance; all you need to do is maintain it clean and lube the gears to get years of use out of it. No pump problems or oil leaks.
  • Because a kinetic log splitter employs a push to crush the logs rather than a steady force as a hydraulic log splitter does, if you have a really tough piece that cannot be split in one go, you are more likely to split it using a kinetic log splitter. The kinetic log splitter may therefore always “out split” a hydraulic log splitter of the same level.

Will Australian hardwood be split by the kinetic log splitter?

Glad you asked. On our log splitter, we and our clients have tried a variety of hardwoods, including stringy bark, yellow box, red gum, ironbark, jarrah, and blackwood. There are always kinetic log splitters available that will work for you.

What makes a Forest west Kinetic Log Splitter a good choice?

The Forest west kinetic log splitters have been created at our plant since 2007 in collaboration with an American business. Since then, we have been providing the US market. Additionally, we are the first firm to introduce a comprehensive line of kinetic log splitters, ranging from 7ton to 34ton, to Australia.

Additionally, we enhanced the quality of our log splitter after moving to Australia, including the size of the engine, the flywheel, and the internal gears, to ensure that it was adequate for Australian hardwood. We are familiar with the capabilities of our kinetic log splitter thanks to years of testing, and we can assist you with any problems.

Why Hydraulic Log Splitters Are Beneficial

Hydraulic log splitters have many benefits and relatively few negatives. Because of this, they are the kind that people most frequently purchase when they need to split wood.

Hydraulic log splitters have the most obvious and significant advantages over their kinetic counterparts in that they are often far more powerful and capable of splitting bigger logs. Knotty woods present less of a challenge for hydraulic systems, whereas hard woods present considerably less of a challenge.

The lack of a vertical position on the hydraulic splitter I’ve selected for this list may be a deal-breaker for some people. You can split significantly larger logs vertically than you can with a horizontal-only splitting machine. For me, a wood splitter’s vertical position immediately raises the machine’s worth.

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