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4chan Babby Cup Final – Xenophilia Vs /3

by William Beel

There are two separate sections on 4chan, one focusing on western illustrations and the other on eastern ones. Both will have boards for porn and eastern illustrations, but /aco/ will get its fair share of fetishes. And who can blame it? People like porn, but there’s no reason to censor it. What’s even worse is that some of the fetishes are so offensive that it is a disgrace.

Xenophilia’s goal against /aco/

Xenophilia was awarded the first goal of the tournament in their match against /3/. Their goal was the first goal by a team in the Babby Cup, and they subsequently sealed three points against /p/. With this result, Xenophilia qualified for their first knockout game. Here are some thoughts on the game. Read on to find out what really happened in the final.

Xenophilia had been a laughing stock the year before the tournament, but they were ready to throw their hats in the ring with the top teams in the league. This goal was very much needed for them to take the win and move on to the playoffs. But first, they needed to get their first victory. After a tough group stage, they faced /aco/.

Xenophilia’s fucking cheating at art

/aco/ made history last year when they defeated /p in the 4chan Summer Cup. After being a laughingstock the year before, they were ready to throw their hats in the ring with the big boys. But what happened? The /aco/ community was forced to take a long break and regroup. Luckily for the community, Xenophilia and her team made up for lost time by coming back strong, and acclimating to life in the 4chan community.

Madame Pe/aco/ck

As the name indicates, Madame Pe/aco/ck is a brothel owner who does not allow Asians in the brothels. Her sidekick is J/aco/lyn, a cute ball head girl who is heavily into s&m. In addition to these sidekicks, she has many more potential tans, including costumers from a brothel, as well as a Disney fangirl, who is heavily into s&m.

/aco/’s first lead in the tournament

After spending about a year and a half in a discussion with fellow ‘Clanmates’, ‘aco’ officially founded a 4CC team. IJC was hired as team manager. The team started out looking a bit shabby and not very well-organized. They competed in the 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers and finished second to eventual 9-point winner /3.

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After a thrilling game against fellow newcomer ‘bant’, ‘/aco/ took the lead with a goal by Xenophilia. They had a chance to promote to the autumn Cup after earning their first lead in the tournament. ‘aco/ took three points from their opponents, and thus secured their first-ever 4chan tournament lead. ‘aco’ also topped the ‘Pirates’ category, with a total of nine goals and four assists.

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